Leslie McGehee
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Business of Shopping recently recognized LetYouKnow as one of the 101 Top e-Commerce Companies in Washington. They selected us for exceptional performance with our innovative ideas and our innovative product. Starting a business is not an easy accomplishment at all. It is extremely difficult and really becomes your "baby." You have to nurture it and you learn a lot from this baby. This baby takes time to grow and learn and many changes are always involved for the baby to evolve. Our company is exceptional, as we came up with an ideal that no other company has executed to date. Also, to have an algorithm patented is very difficult to attain. Our technology is comparable to the technology of Google and Uber. Price bidding (Name your own price (NYOP)) was only once known to Priceline for flights, hotels and car rentals, but they have discontinued that feature. Consumers may see and think that our business model is similar to Priceline, but our price bidding is extremely more complicated, which works better for the consumer and the seller. As our baby continues to grow, we know it will take time to convince others of how exceptional we are, but we know with time more and more people will only want to shop this way. LetYouKnow currently is facilitating new car deals only, but will be adding more than the automotive industry in the future. In closing, should people follow their dreams and execute their ideas? Absolutely! Is it going to be a long and hard road? At the end of the day, it is worth it to create something that you have a passion for (our CEO, Boris A. Zhukov has a passion for helping people get great deals to save money) and to follow your dreams!

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