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Boris A. Zhukov, CEO of LetYouKnow, Inc.,

Last year, LetYouKnow’s Boris A. Zhukov, was honored to be invited to be a speaker at TEDx in Raleigh, NC. First off, no he isn’t the wrestler! He is a cofounder and the CEO of LetYouKnow, Inc., headquartered in downtown Seattle, WA.

He is also the coinventer (along with cofounder Gang “Aaron” Shao) of a published patent: System and Method of Matching Reverse Auction Buyer Bids to Seller Offers. Zhukov has had a passion for deals, pretty much his entire life. He is a swift negotiator also. In the past he had helped family and friends find new cars and get the best deals. He took note of how much time and energy was involved in doing this on his own, with calling and emailing dealerships and then receiving countless emails & phone calls from the dealerships. He started thinking that the process should be much easier and faster for both consumers and dealerships. He also thought that consumers should be empowered to name their own price for a new car and that dealerships should be able to anonymous list their cars, so dealerships could in effect, price discriminate and provide deep discounts on only some models, which helps the consumer save money also! Those ideas started things in motion! Now, this took time, many years, much work and dedication to finally make these thoughts become reality. He and Shao worked hard to perfect the model and the infrastructure for years and Zhukov just kept pushing it, never giving up. Today, that dream is a reality. LetYouKnow, Inc. has raised over $1 million in funds and has signed up over 50 dealerships to its dealer network, in less than two years, thanks to Boris’ persistence and passion about LetYouKnow. LinkedIn has also been a powerful tool for networking and Boris recently has been a guest on a couple of podcasts: Culture of Value with Troy Scheer and another with host Marc Lee on Mullings, Music and Memories.

With the website finished, the work has turned to apps (almost finished) and updating the dealer portal to be more and more automated. There are always upgrades and improvements and Boris & Aaron are up to the task!

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