Leslie McGehee

LetYouKnow, Inc. was recently featured in Yahoo Finance. We have nearly 100 new car dealerships in our Dealer Network and are signing up more and more as the word gets out about us! Last year was great for us, we made so much progress and we are excited for 2023 and what the future holds for us! We are working on adding many new features to our platform and will be adding other products and services soon. LetYouKnow is revolutionary due to its patented technology. LetYouKnow empowers consumers to name their own price for a new car, which puts the consumer in control of the transaction and not the salesperson! Another great feature is that dealer fees are included (including the dreaded doc fee), so the consumer knows the price they are paying before they get to the dealership, so there are no hidden surprises. Our prices do not include taxes or licensing/registration fees as that varies from state to state and is something the consumer can research to calculate those amounts. All of this not only makes the transaction easier and faster for the consumer, it is also the same way regarding the dealership. The dealership is handed a committed buyer and only has to finalize the transaction, it is that easy for both! Dealerships can join our Dealer Network at no cost! That's right, no subscription fees or signup fees. What other third party company has that? LetYouKnow is proud to be located in downtown Seattle!

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